Rebuilding California

Why We Must Address the Residential Construction Workforce Crisis

Prevailing Wage

Building a Better Future for All of California

Saving Taxpayers Money

Prevailing wage laws don’t increase public construction costs, but they do reduce reliance on public assistance programs.

Growing the Middle Class

Stopping wage theft helps one in six California construction workers and could save California taxpayers billions of dollars each year. 

Affordable Housing

Prevailing wage standards can help improve housing affordability.

Fighting the Attacks

Weakening prevailing wage standards doesn’t save money. Instead it creates more poverty, a weaker economy and strains public budgets.   

Through our initiative, Smart Cities Prevail is working to end construction industry wage theft in California that harms workers and their families, taxpayers and honest businesses.

Blue Collar Construction Workers: Low Incomes in the Megaregions

Affordable Housing

Prevailing wage standards can help improve housing affordability. 



We serve as a resource for news media, community leaders, elected officials and members of the public on a range of construction industry policy issues, including Prevailing Wage.



Get the latest information, studies and statistics on the benefits of Prevailing Wage and how it impacts your community. We look into the myths — and drill down to the facts.



Our advocacy efforts are far-reaching, including our work on behalf of the many veterans who choose careers in the skilled construction trades and are impacted by prevailing wage laws.



Could Gov. Newsom’s ambitious housing goals be sidelined by a worker shortage?

The Mercury News, January 14, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom has said he wants to build as many as 3.5 million new houses by 2025 to solve California’s housing crisis. But those ambitious goals could be derailed without hundreds of thousands of new construction workers needed to dramatically accelerate the pace of California home building…


On Labor Day, California workers need help to survive hostile U.S. Supreme Court

The Sacramento Bee, August 31, 2018

While many politicians have committed to raising wages or combating wage theft and other workplace abuses, on this Labor Day we are living through a time in American jurisprudence that appears hell-bent on degrading the tools that workers rely on to enforce these commitments.



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